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These are a selection of some of our residential projects, which have been photographed for reference.

This Family home within an estate in Kyalami, underwent an extensive renovation over the course of 2021 to early 2022. Updates were made to all finishes to make it a lighter, more contemporary, and welcoming space where they could entertain large family gatherings. 


It started as a medium sized project, with our focus being replacement of all wardrobes, floor finishes, wall finishes, window treatments and vanities being uplifted and custom made. As we made progress, we realized that the kitchen, which is now the heart of this home, needed to be updated in line with the new finishes. This required additional extension and building work – all of which has changed the way this home works. The kitchen revamp has become the meeting and talking point of the living areas and has changed the way this family lives, works, and plays in their home. Alongside this, we custom made joinery for their PJ lounge to create a space where the children could work and congregate away from the living areas, and where the family can retreat to for some quiet.